College Planning
It’s Never Too Early to Start

Taking plenty of time to explore, learn and plan ahead can relieve some of the pressure associated with college planning. USA Funds® can offer a helping hand with information we’ve gathered for you from several sources.

​We also offer college planning resources specific to states for which we are the designated federal student loan guarantor:

It’s never too early to plant and cultivate the seeds of higher learning. If children grow up understanding the benefits of college, believing that it’s an essential step in their education and, most importantly, that it’s accessible to them, they will naturally seek to take the right steps at the appropriate time.

In partnership with the University of Northwestern Ohio and the Lima/Allen County, Ohio College Access Program, USA Funds offers several age-appropriate podcasts to deliver these messages that you can share and watch with your children:

Why go to college? How do I select the right college for me? How do I pay for college?  There’s so much to learn.  We’re here to help. Check out our college planning guide for prospective college students and their parents.

Managing student loans requires knowledge, resources and guidance. We provide all three. Get more information about Student Loan Help.

This Scholarship Search might help you find one.

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