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The unique geographic and cultural advantages of the Hawaii postsecondary institutions foster expertise in a wide range of fields in the arts, humanities, sciences, and professions.
From accounting to zoology, professional development to vocational training, individualized programs empower all students, both young and adult, to achieve their educational goals.

Hawaii Higher-Education Agencies

Hawaii Higher-Education Institutions

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Special Programs

Savings Plans

Hawaii's 529 program, HI529, helps families save for college.

State Financial-Aid Programs

Important: To qualify for federal and other sources of financial aid, you must file the FAFSA. Check with your financial-aid administrator for school deadline.​
Check with your school's financial-aid office.

To qualify for in-state tuition students must meet the following conditions:
  • The student, and the student's parent(s) or guardian(s), must have been a bona fide resident of this state for at least 12 consecutive months next preceding the residence determination date.
  • The student must not have been claimed as a dependent for tax purposes for at least 12 consecutive months next preceding the residence determination date by the student's parent(s) or guardian(s), who are not legal residents of the state.
  • Other general criteria may apply. Learn more.

Review high-school graduation options for students preparing for college or entering the workforce.

College Goal Sunday. For help completing the FAFSA, attend College Goal Sunday.

Free Scholarship Search offers an award database containing more than 3 million scholarships worth in excess of $16 billion.