USA Funds Life Skills
No Education Is Complete Without Life Skills

USA Funds Life Skills at St. Phillip's CollegeAs part of their education, college students need to develop basic life management skills so that they graduate on time with a minimum amount of debt. USA Funds® ​Life Skills® ​is a Web-based financial literacy and student success program that equips your institution to teach its students to manage their time and money wisely while they are on campus and after graduation.

Demonstrated Impact on Student Behaviors

You expect results for your students and your institution from your investment in financial literacy, and USA Funds Life Skills delivers.  Based on surveys and assessments of students, USA Funds Life Skills promotes:

  • Gains in knowledge of key personal finance and academic success concepts.
  • Changes in attitudes toward personal finance issues.
  • Positive changes in students’ personal finance behaviors.

Flexible, Effective Learning

USA Funds Life Skills offers flexible, effective learning to fit your students’ and your staff members’ schedules. With USA Funds Life Skills, you and your students will also realize the following benefits:

  • Rich, engaging content. Courses incorporate audio, video and interactive activities and quizzes to suit a variety of learning styles and keep students engaged.
  • Addresses diverse student populations. Courses address a wide range of students, including undergraduates, adult learners, graduate and professional students, as well as students on academic probation, freshmen attending orientation, student-athletes or at-risk populations. Read Teachable Moments for Personal Finance Education to learn the diverse ways in which colleges and universities use USA Funds Life Skills.
  • Access online, in classroom or both.  Life Skills courses can be used online or in conjunction with instructor-led training, or in a blended approach.
  • Reportable results. You’ll receive regular reporting on your students’ usage and progress through their assigned of USA Funds Life Skills courses, their assessment scores, and course completion rates.
  • Customer service. USA Funds experts help with technical set-up and training your staff, as well as provide ongoing support.

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