Grant & Sponsorship FAQs
Answers to Common Questions About USA Funds Grant Making

Does USA Funds accept unsolicited requests for funding?
No. At this time USA Funds does not accept unsolicited requests for grants.

What type of organization can receive a USA Funds grant or sponsorship?
USA Funds generally makes grants to organizations classified as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

What is USA Funds’ grant application process?
USA Funds receives solicited grant applications and issues new grants on a quarterly grant cycle.

What are the types of programs that USA Funds supports?
USA Funds has three primary areas of focus in support of higher education: postsecondary education readiness, enrollment and success. Your grant request to USA Funds must align with at least one of these three areas of focus.

Does USA Funds provide support for general operating expenses?
No. We do not make grants that solely support an organization’s operating expenses.

Does USA Funds support capital requests?
No. We do not issue grants to cover building projects or to cover capital expenditures.

What are examples of programs currently funded or funded in the past?
Our Featured Grants page offers examples of organizations and programs that USA Funds has supported in the past.