USA Funds Grants
USA Funds® does not accept unsolicited requests for funding. We expect to solicit through invitation, requests for proposals, or other means, funding requests for specific initiatives that promote postsecondary education Completion With a Purpose.
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USA Funds’ grant-making assists initiatives that support postsecondary students’ attainment of credentials and competencies that lead to productive and rewarding careers and thus to economic, civic and creative contributions to their communities and to society, in the following areas:
  • Education to Employment Transition. To better align education and training programs with workforce needs, while enhancing the dialogue between employers and education providers.
  • Innovation in College and Career Preparation. To help students get through high-quality education and training programs quicker, at less cost and with better prospects for rewarding careers.
  • Key Education Transitions. To help disadvantaged students get through high school with the tools they need to succeed in college and on the job, including initiatives that provide students with work experience opportunities during their years in school.
  • Quality Assurance and Performance Analytics. To support new frameworks for tapping the mountain of data available in the higher education marketplace, so students and families, policymakers and educational institutions all can make better decisions.
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