Personal finance education for college students made more interactive
USA Funds Life Skills curriculum redesigned to enhance student engagement
USA Funds® has redesigned its popular USA Funds Life Skills® personal finance and student success curriculum to enhance student engagement.
All 33 of the online personal finance and academic success courses have received a new layout, larger screen size and enhanced graphics. The courses cover topics that include financial aid and paying for college, credit and money management, managing personal and academic issues while in college, as well as establishing a career and a solid financial base following graduation.
Course content relates to issues faced by undergraduates, graduate students and adult learners, and married students.
To enhance student engagement with the materials, the redesign of USA Funds Life Skills offers students a more personalized learning experience, including:
  • The addition of in-course calculators, so students can quickly and easily see the impact of borrowing decisions.
  • New interactive worksheets and exercises that students can take with them.
  • New online activities that offer students more detailed feedback.
In keeping with its nonprofit mission of support for enhanced postsecondary education preparedness, access and success, USA Funds provides the curriculum at no charge to postsecondary institutions.
“College students need to be equipped with the knowledge to manage their student loan debt and address a host of other critical financial decisions they will face while in school and following graduation,” said Denise B. Feser, USA Funds senior vice president, School and Student Services. “The redesigned curriculum delivers this vital information in a package that is attractive and relevant to today’s college students.”
USA Funds redesigned its personal finance and student success program based on the feedback of focus groups of college students and advice from college administrators.
Some 170 colleges and universities offer USA Funds Life Skills to teach their students to manage their time and money wisely while they are on campus and after graduation. Since 2009, when the curriculum moved online, students have completed nearly 304,000 USA Funds Life Skills courses.​