USA Funds Program Can Help Your Students Learn About Scholarships, Grants

If your students are looking for guidance on finding free money for school, USA Funds® Life Skills® can help.

The financial literacy and student success program offers course “101 How Will I Pay for My Higher Education?” The lesson features information about a variety of college-funding options — emphasizing that students first should explore options that do not have to be paid back, such as scholarships, grants, student employment and Federal Work-Study.
How Will I Pay for My Higher Education?” encourages students to research and consider signing up for a free scholarship search service that will send information about scholarships that the student may qualify for based on information provided when creating a scholarship profile.
Additionally, the course offers important guidance regarding student employment and student loans.
The course explores the concept of how much higher education will cost and provides an annual cost estimator. The estimator demonstrates factors that affect cost, such as length of program, type of school, in-state or out-of-state tuition, and living on or off campus.

USA Funds Life Skills is Web-based financial literacy and student success program. The program equips schools to help students develop basic life management skills so they graduate on time and with a minimum amount of debt.

In addition to finding resources and funds for paying for school, the 34 USA Funds Life Skills courses address the topics of setting goals, preparing for graduation, and balancing school and personal life.
Since USA Funds Life Skills moved to its current online platform, in 2009, students have completed more than 250,000 lessons.

More about USA Funds Life Skills

Contact your USA Funds representative for more information about USA Funds Life Skills or any of USA Funds’ other debt management and default prevention tools and solutions. USA Funds also will present a free, one-hour webcast on April 17, addressing campus-wide financial literacy initiatives that are helping students minimize and manage their student loan debt.

The USA Funds Life Skills information page offers case studies and a USA Funds Life Skills Best Practices Guide, which highlight the ways schools are using the program on their campuses. 

More help finding money for college

Another USA Funds-supported resource for finding free money for college is Along with tips and tools for completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the website offers:

  • Information about grant programs.
  • Links to free, comprehensive scholarship search engines.
  • A blog offering timely information and updates on financial aid.