Updated FAFSA-Filing Resources on CollegeUp.org

USA Funds® has updated the “Who’s My FAFSA Parent?” Quiz at CollegeUp.org to reflect rule changes for the 2014-2015 award year.

Those changes include:

  • A requirement that when dependent students file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, both legal parents must provide income and asset information, regardless of their marital status or gender, if those parents are living together. In previous years, the FAFSA required only one of the unmarried parents to provide financial information.
  • In a related change, due to the U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act, same-sex couples now must report their marital status as married, if they were legally married in a state or foreign country that permits same-sex unions. Previously the FAFSA required that only one parent provide information.

In addition to the “Who’s My FAFSA Parent?” Quiz, CollegeUp.org offers other resources that college-bound students and their parents will find helpful when completing the FAFSA.

These resources include:

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