Help Students’ Tax Refunds Go Farther With USA Funds Life Skills

Tax season is here, and your students expecting refunds already may be thinking of how they’ll spend that money. USA Funds®Life® Skills courses can help you guide students in making wise budgeting decisions regarding those refund checks.

Students can benefit from lessons “203 How Do I Live on a Budget While I am in School?” and “407 How Can I Make the Most of My Savings?” An interactive game and other tools in “How Do I Live on a Budget While I am in School?” take students through the process of creating a budget. The course also focuses on how to determine the amount of money students really have for their budget on a monthly basis, explains money-saving strategies, and provides resources to determine projected salaries for different career choices.
“How Can I Make the Most of My Savings?” teaches students about interest and the time value of money, the advantages and disadvantages of different savings methods, how to set a savings time line, and the importance of selecting savings methods that best support savings goals.
USA Funds Life Skills is an award-winning online financial literacy and student success curriculum. The program equips schools to help students develop basic life management skills so they graduate on time and with a minimum amount of debt.
In addition to managing money and credit and living on a budget, the 33 USA Funds Life Skills courses address the topics of paying for college, setting goals, preparing for graduation, and balancing school and personal life.
The USA Funds Life Skills information page offers case studies and a USA Funds Life Skills Best Practices Guide, which highlight the ways schools are using the program on their campuses.
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