Wednesday Webcast Focuses on Conflicting Information

By Kochie Vaughan, USA Funds Regional Training Executive

A university’s track coach decided to be proactive and collect tax returns from all of his athletes, just in case the financial aid office asked for the documents. One day that coach mentioned to the school’s financial aid director that he had collected that tax information.

Because those tax documents now belonged to the school, this well-meaning coach had put the financial aid office in the position of having to review all that documentation for conflicting information.

Your school may not have faced a scenario exactly like this one. But if you’re a financial aid administrator, you likely have experienced situations that call for a clear understanding of the federal rules regarding conflicting information.

In our story above, the financial aid director understood that, according to federal conflicting information requirements, schools cannot ignore any information at their disposal — even if the financial aid office didn’t request or require that data.

If a school has reason to believe application or eligibility information is in conflict with any other information in its records, it must research any discrepancies and resolve them before disbursing federal financial aid funds.

So it’s important that you’re up to speed on what constitutes conflicting information — and what does not. Your school also should have policies and procedures in place to correctly identify and resolve conflicting information.

A Wednesday, Feb. 19, webcast from USA Funds® University can help you make sure you know what to do the next time you face a potential situation of conflicting information. Join me at 2 p.m. Eastern time Wednesday for “Conflicting Information.”

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The webcast is part of USA Funds University’s winter webcast series, which runs through Feb. 26.

If you miss “Conflicting Information” or any other USA Funds University webcast, access the recording and materials in the webcast archives.

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