USA Funds Life Skills Provides Timely Advice About Paying for College

From determining the cost of higher education, to learning how to apply for financial aid, to establishing good practices for managing student debt, your students can learn timely lessons about paying for college with the help of USA Funds® Life Skills®.

USA Funds Life Skills

As students apply for aid for the coming academic year, the following USA Funds Life Skills courses can help them make wise decisions about financial aid and money management:

"101 How Will I Pay for My Higher Education?" teaches students how to find resources and funds to finance their higher education. The course shows students how to examine the costs associated with school, explains the various types and sources of student aid, and helps them determine the maximum student loan debt they can afford.

An annual cost estimator and student loan repayment scenarios are among the tools featured in the course.

"102 How Do I Apply for Financial Aid?" teaches students the steps involved in applying for financial aid, offers advice for managing student loan funds, and outlines the responsibilities of student loan borrowers. The course helps students to understand the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

The course features a video of a financial aid adviser providing answers to common questions, a step-by-step guide for completing the FAFSA, and a simple quiz about money savvy.

USA Funds Life Skills is an online financial literacy and student success program. The program equips schools to help students develop basic life management skills so they graduate on time and with a minimum amount of debt.

Paying for college, setting goals, preparing for graduation, and balancing school and personal life are among the topics that the 33 USA Funds Life Skills courses address.

Contact USA Funds for more information about USA Funds Life Skills or any of USA Funds' debt management and default prevention tools and solutions. The USA Funds Life Skills information page offers financial literacy case studies and a USA Funds Life Skills Best Practices Guide, which highlight the ways schools are using the program on their campuses.

Additional FAFSA help

USA Funds offers additional resources to assist as you counsel students and parents who are applying for financial aid — including College Goal Sunday® and a FAFSA completion help website, features the interactive quiz "Who's My FAFSA Parent?"