Track and Analyze Borrower Communication With USA Funds Borrower Connect

USA Funds Borrower ConnectUSA Funds Borrower ConnectTM automates borrower outreach to help improve your cohort default rates. To help monitor and track your efforts, several on-demand reports available in the tool capture cohort default rate projections, trending and analytics.

Cohort Management and Delinquency Aging reports provide an analysis of your current portfolio and prior cohort periods to identify if your delinquency rates are shifting, or if defaults are increasing or decreasing. The reports:

  • Forecast best- and worst-case cohort default rates
  • Compare individual cohort years to identify how default and delinquency rates trend from one year to the next.
  • Provide analytics on the number of borrowers entering various stages of repayment.
  • Offer month-over-month repayment activities to assist with default prevention staffing and strategies.
  • Display the underlying borrower loan detail for each report.
  • Present filtering by the organization, six- or eight-digit OPEID and repayment status for selected cohort years and periods.

You can share the information from the reports with campus management for analysis. The data also can help you determine if current default prevention efforts are working, or if additional steps are required to address projected rates.

You can view the reports online or export them as PDFs or as Microsoft Excel, XML or CSV files for additional filtering or sorting.
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