USA Funds Life Skills Helps Students Embrace Balance

​Whether they’re recent high school graduates or returning adult learners, USA Funds® Life Skills® can help your students make the most of their schoolwork — inside and outside of the classroom.

Striking a healthy balance between schoolwork and other responsibilities can be difficult. The USA Funds Life Skills course “204 How Do I Manage My School Life?” offers tips for successful studying and time management.

Students who complete this course will learn how to:

  • Create time management plans.
  • Develop good study and exam preparation habits.
  • Understand the importance of student-faculty interaction.

Interactive exercises throughout the course help students apply what they have learned. One activity shows students questions that are commonly asked of instructors; students must indicate whether each question is appropriate or inappropriate. When students answer, they receive feedback as to whether their selection was correct, and why.

USA Funds Life Skills
USA Funds Life Skills is an online financial literacy and student success program. The program equips your institution to teach students to manage their time and money wisely while they are on campus and after graduation.

Other USA Funds Life Skills courses address the topics of financial aid and paying for college, setting goals, balancing school and personal life, managing money and credit, and preparing for graduation and life after college.

USA Funds Life Skills received a gold medal in the Brandon Hall Group 2013 Excellence in Learning Awards Program.

For more information about USA Funds Life Skills — or if you would like to schedule a demonstration or learn more about USA Funds’ other default prevention tools and solutionscontact USA Funds.