Get Up to Speed on FERPA, Confidentiality With USA Funds Online Courses
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA, protects the privacy of student education records. Maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of these records is a critical responsibility for all departments and employees of postsecondary institutions.
Online financial aid courses from USA Funds® University offer a thorough introduction to FERPA and confidentiality, and a review of regulations. The courses feature expanded content — including new activities and case studies — that cater to financial aid offices and to student-workers who may have access to information in private records about other students, their families, and school personnel.

Student-employee courses

  • 003 Introduction to FERPA and Confidentiality — A summary of FERPA regulations and the importance of confidentiality as regulated under all state and federal laws.
  • 007 What Does FERPA Mean to Me? — A FERPA review through examples and case studies applicable to how FERPA affects student-employees.
Introduction to FERPA and Confidentiality online course

Financial aid office courses

  • 109 Introduction to FERPA — A summary of FERPA regulations. Learn the importance of confidentiality, protected under all state and federal laws, as well as how you must comply with any institutional privacy policies.
  • 222 FERPA and Confidentiality Requirements — A review of FERPA regulations. Learn the importance of confidentiality and the responsibilities of schools and employees to comply with all state and federal privacy laws. The course provides various case studies and examples.
FERPA and confidentiality courses are part of a catalog of nearly 40 online financial aid courses in USA Funds University’s online financial aid training — available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Knowledgeable trainers with extensive financial aid experience develop the interactive courses, available at no cost to schools. You typically can complete the courses in 30-45 minutes.
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