Incorrect Data Challenge Deadlines Approaching
The deadlines for submitting incorrect data challenges on the recently released draft cohort default rates are quickly approaching.
The deadline to submit a challenge for the 2011 two-year draft rate is May 9, 2013. For the 2010 three-year draft rate, the deadline for submitting a challenge is May 16, 2013.
USA Funds® representatives have provided tips for reviewing — and potentially appealing — draft cohort default rates, as well as ways to use the draft data to guide your default prevention efforts.
  • Consultant Michael Bertonaschi lists 10 steps for reviewing draft rates.
  • Consultant Carol Buchli has noted six common errors to avoid in default rate appeals.
  • Consultant Anne Fischer recommends reviewing draft rate data with an eye toward improving your default prevention efforts.
  • Tara Piantanida-Kelly, regional training executive, shares tips for addressing current and future cohort default rates.
For additional assistance with review of your draft cohort default rates, contact your USA Funds representative. Contact USA Funds Ask PolicySM with questions about federal regulations guiding draft cohort default rates and challenges; use this online form.