Optimize Borrower Communication Strategies With USA Funds Borrower Connect

USA Funds Borrower Connect™ automates borrower outreach to help improve your cohort default rates. To assist with optimizing the effectiveness of the tool, several on-demand reports are available that help manage, analyze and adjust communication strategies.

The Campaign Effectiveness Report helps determine the current status of borrowers to determine whether they became current, remained current, or ultimately defaulted on their loans. The report provides you the ability to:

  • View the number of times a campaign method — letter, email or phone — and type (delinquent or deferred, for example) was executed during a defined period of time.
  • See the number of borrowers receiving a communication in a campaign.
  • Determine the success of each campaign through:
    • The number of accounts cured, by campaign
    • The number of accounts that remained delinquent, by campaign.
    • Whether adjustments to a campaign are needed.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of efforts by various staff.
  • View borrowers associated with various campaigns.
  • Observe which staff person generated the campaign.

The Communication Code Effectiveness Report tracks a unique set of school-defined codes that have been applied to a borrower account to identify the resolution of communications. The report allows you to:

  • Filter on selected communication codes.
  • Monitor the type and frequency of resolutions that staff reached.
  • Validate that resolution codes are appropriate for borrowers’ current status.
  • Determine the number of cured accounts by code and staff member.
  • Manage, track and analyze the resolutions process.
  • View borrowers associated with various communication codes.
  • Observe which staff person applied the communication code.

The User Effectiveness Report provides productivity levels for individual staff members. The report displays:

  • The completed campaign types for each staff member for calls, letters or emails.
  • The level of productivity for each individual staff person.

You can share the information from the reports with your institution’s management for analysis. The data also can help you determine if current default prevention efforts are working, or if additional steps are required to address projected cohort default rates.

You can view the reports online or export them as PDFs or as Microsoft Excel, XML or CSV files for additional filtering or sorting.

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