Creating a Default Prevention Plan Is Just the First Step
By Bonnie Weaver, USA Funds Consultant

If your school has a default prevention plan, when is the last time you reviewed it?

If it’s been awhile, I recommend that you grab that plan off the shelf and take a look. Is your school sticking to the tasks outlined in its default prevention plan? Are campus demographics described in the text still up to date? Do the goals documented still make sense?

It’s important that you review the document regularly because, when it comes to successful default prevention, establishing a plan is the first step. But it can’t be the only step.

Regular reviews of your default prevention plan allow you to:

Be informed. As you’re delving into the information you’ll need to update your default prevention plan, you’ll be gathering key data that can help you target your default prevention efforts.

Be accountable. Knowing that your progress toward your goals is being tracked will help keep your efforts moving forward. Carefully note what’s working — and what’s not — when you review your default prevention plan.

Be adaptable. Adjust any of your efforts that aren’t producing the results you’d like, and add tasks that would better address your needs. Regular checks of your default prevention plan help you determine when it might be time to make a change.

Be prepared. Keeping your default prevention plan up to date means that anytime you need to share the plan — if you’re keeping another department posted on your work, or your school’s president requests the document, for example — you’ll be ready.

Be timely. Many schools include in their plans timelines for specific default prevention activities. Select an interval for reviewing your default prevention plan that allows you to keep tabs on those deadlines.

Be consistent. Scheduling your default prevention plan reviews around regular, specific events can help you remember to keep the plan up to date. I recommend updating the plan at least once a year, so, for example, the group that created your plan could plan a retreat timed to the end of each spring semester.

Do you need help in preparing or updating a campus default prevention plan? Contact USA Funds® for assistance and to learn more about USA Funds’ default prevention tools and solutions.