Prepare Your Spring Graduates for Student Loan Repayment

USA Funds can help you ensure your upcoming graduates are ready for student loan repaymentYour spring 2014 graduates with student loans are just months away from repayment. Are they ready?

Resources from USA Funds® can help you zero in on the importance of successful student loan repayment during student loan exit counseling and in other debt management efforts this spring.

USA Funds Life Skills®. This online financial literacy and student success curriculum offers lessons appropriate for college students of all levels. Courses focus on financial aid and paying for college, school and personal life management, graduating students, credit and money management, graduate and professional students, and couples in school.

USA Funds Life Skills lessons “103 What Do I Need to Know About Repaying My Student Loans?” and “104 What If I Have Trouble Repaying My Student Loans?” offer key information about how to successfully repay education loans. Courses that address finding a job, preparing for a job interview, and budgeting also can assist students as they begin the careers that will help them repay their loans.

USA Funds publications. USA Funds offers a variety of publications that schools can order free of charge to assist their students as they prepare to repay their education loans.

The newly updated brochure “Student Loan Repayment: Four Steps to Take Now” is available for order in English and Spanish.

Other publications available for order address repayment topics such as deferment and forbearance, loan forgiveness and resolving default. Materials to help students organize their student loan information also are available.

USA Funds Borrower ConnectTM. After your borrowers leave school, keep in contact with them about repaying their student loans with the help of USA Funds Borrower Connect and its staffing solution, USA Funds Borrower Connect InTouchSM.

For help with your debt management and default prevention planning, and for more information about USA Funds’ default prevention tools and solutions, contact USA Funds.