Learn Schools’ Secrets to Default Prevention Success

Learn Schools’ Secrets to Default Prevention SuccessNeed ideas for student loan default prevention at your school? USA Funds® offers case studies that highlight the stories of institutions that are successfully tackling default on their campuses.

From turning around their schools’ risk of losing federal student aid eligibility, to freeing up time for more in-person counseling, to making students more financially literate, you’ll learn how selected schools are making an impact in default prevention and student success.

Visit the Tools and Solutions page of the USA Funds Resource Library for stories from schools that are:

  • Conducting targeted borrower outreach campaigns.
  • Providing outstanding loan counseling to borrowers who are behind in their payments.
  • Regularly tracking their projected cohort default rates.
  • Aggregating student loan data to inform their default prevention efforts.
  • Including financial literacy education in campus programs and classes.

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