USA Funds Life Skills to Offer Enhanced Design, More Personalized Learning Experience

On May 31 USA Funds® will release a newly redesigned USA Funds Life Skills® curriculum. In enhancing USA Funds Life Skills, USA Funds applied feedback received from students and college administrators regarding the program.

The redesigned financial literacy and student success program will continue to be available at no cost to all higher education institutions. The updated USA Funds Life Skills will offer:

  • More engaging activities that will offer your students a more personalized learning experience.
    • Providing exercises that students can take with them by using interactive PDFs.
    • Creating new activities that offer more detailed feedback.
    • Providing more opportunities for personalization within the activities.
  • Updated course content that is highly relevant to today’s students.
    • More clearly defining course learning objectives to ensure they are relevant and understandable to students.
    • Suggesting more relevant tools and resources — such as smartphone apps and updated website resources — that appeal to students
    • Broadening the content of the 600/700 level courses to appeal to adult learners, as well as to students attending graduate or professional school.
  • A more modern design that will make the experience more attractive to your students.
    • Refreshing the layout to include brighter colors and simple animations, and creating new graphic treatments.
    • Increasing the screen size of the courses.
  • An improved user interface to make course activities and navigation more intuitive for your students.
    • Providing more consistency in the user experience and making activity treatments more intuitive.
    • Using new callout treatments — such as Quick Tips, Side Notes, and Tools and Resources — to make the content easier to read.

USA Funds Life Skills is an online financial literacy and student success program. The program equips your institution to teach students to manage their time and money wisely while they are on campus and after graduation.

If you would like to schedule a demo and learn more about implementing USA Funds Life Skills on your campus, contact USA Funds.