USA Funds Staff Profile: Experience, Knack for Finding Answers Benefit Customers

When schools contact USA Funds®’ customer relations team with questions that need additional research to answer, it’s Amy Perry who does the digging.

When borrowers call USA Funds representatives with issues that require an additional level of investigating, Perry goes to work to get a resolution.

“At the end of each day,” says Perry, USA Funds’ customer relations administrator for four years, “I want the best results for the person calling. I want to know I was able to provide the solution that gave that person peace of mind.”

To offer that assistance, Perry mixes her interest in conducting research with her knack for finding the right resources to address issues. Although her current position marks her first foray into customer support, she has been focused on providing outstanding customer service during much of her career. Her previous roles supported loan origination, loan consolidation and information technology.

She began working at USA Funds in 1992. An Indiana native, Perry currently is based in Indianapolis.

“I like digging up information,” Perry says, “and my experience with USA Funds helps me to know the right people to contact for answers.”

For Perry, assisting customers who contact USA Funds is a two-step process that involves finding answers and then following up until she’s assured the issue is resolved. Many of the issues she researches involve USA Funds’ tools and solutions promoting student success.

She works closely with USA Funds’ product development staff to test and stay up to date on products ranging from USA Funds Borrower ConnectTM to USA Funds Life Skills®.

“My goal is to support the customer relations team in a way that allows them to enjoy coming to work every day,” Perry says, “because that helps us all do the best we can for the people we’re assisting. That’s everyone’s goal.”

Perry — who spent 12 years as a full-time gymnastics instructor before beginning her career at USA Funds — received her bachelor’s degree from Ball State University.