Online Courses Address Vital Career Skills for Student-Employees

USA Funds® University offers seven online courses designed specifically for student-employees in financial aid offices.
The student-employee offerings include one new course — “007 What Does FERPA Mean to Me?” — as well as a recently revamped course — “003 Introduction to FERPA and Confidentiality.”

The complete list of student-employee courses features:

  • 001 Workplace Time Management.
  • 002 Handling Difficult Situations.
  • 003 Introduction to FERPA and Confidentiality.
  • 004 Effective Communication.
  • 005 Email and Telephone Etiquette.
  • 006 Business Etiquette and Workplace Culture.
  • 007 What Does FERPA Mean to Me?

Introduction to FERPA and Confidentiality

Gain helpful tips and discover activities to instruct students who may be working in an office setting for the first time. The courses teach skills that can be transferrable to the student-employee’s personal life, such as time management, better communication and how to handle difficult situations.

The courses also serve as refreshers to other employees who may need to refine these important career skills.

FERPA courses

The recently revamped course “003 Introduction to FERPA and Confidentiality” is particularly helpful for student-employees who have no previous experience dealing with confidential records. The course provides a summary of the regulations set forth under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, and explains the importance of confidentiality as well as how you must comply with any institutional privacy policies.

The new course — “007 What Does FERPA Mean to Me?” — provides an additional overview of FERPA, featuring helpful case studies that focus on how regulations affect student-employees.

Online financial aid courses in USA Funds University’s online financial aid training are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Knowledgeable trainers with extensive financial aid experience develop the interactive courses, available at no cost to schools.

You typically can complete the courses in 30-45 minutes.