USA Funds Staff Profile: A Change Agent for Student Success

For Suzanne Angheloni, the seeds for a career that calls for plenty of interaction with others were planted at an early age. So it makes sense to her now that, more than two decades ago, she walked away from her original career choice — structural design —and onto a path that has led her to interact with staff at a variety of schools to enhance student success.

The daughter of a professional ballroom dancer, Angheloni remembers the joy she derived from interacting with the many people at the dance studio when accompanying her mother at work. Angheloni says she gets much the same feeling today, in her job that calls for working with many schools to address issues such as default prevention and financial literacy.

“If I can make a difference in someone’s life — period — then I feel like I’m a success,” says Angheloni, a USA Funds® account executive. “If I can walk into an office that is struggling, and I can improve the quality of life in that office by helping them make an impact in financial literacy and default management, that’s a huge, uplifting feeling for me.”

Angheloni consults with schools in 16 states in the East to support default prevention, debt management and financial literacy initiatives, as well as training and student aid policy support for financial aid professionals. She joined USA Funds in 2010.

A Pittsburgh native who still is based in that area, Angheloni has 15 years of experience in financial services — with 11 of those years in education lending. In addition to her background in structural design, she has experience as an employment recruiter and in human resources. But always, she says, she has had a strong tendency to pull people together to work for change.

“I believe we’re here with one objective: to help one another,” Angheloni says. “I’ve always been the one at the table who brings people on board, the ‘change agent,’ they used to call me.”    

In her role as USA Funds account executive, the changes she works toward are improved student loan default rates and higher student completion rates. She consults with schools to determine which USA Funds tools and solutions will address their needs.

“I enjoy working for an organization that lives and breathes its mission of enhancing preparedness, access and success,” Angheloni says, “because I believe in putting 200 percent into my work.”