Webcast Will Discuss Outsourced Borrower Communication

Communicating with student loan borrowers helps support their success in repaying their loans and can improve your institution’s cohort default rate. If staffing limitations prevent your institution from connecting with your borrowers, partnering with external vendors may be the solution.

Register for a one-hour webcast to hear how two schools are using outsourced staffing solutions to perform early outreach, regular communication, personal counseling and follow-up to ensure that borrowers are successfully repaying their education loans.

Presented in partnership with University Business magazine, the webcast is scheduled for July 30, at 2 p.m. Eastern time.

Presenters from Centura College and Kirksville Area Technical Center will discuss the goals of their outsourced default prevention initiatives, the campaigns the vendors employ, the frequency of communications and success metrics.

The school representatives also will share tips, best practices and lessons learned during the outsourcing process.

Register here.