Teach Your Students the Value of Good Credit With USA Funds Life Skills

A USA Funds® Life Skills® course can help you show your students the impact that their own credit scores could have on their goals and plans.

Interactive features in USA Funds Life Skills course “402 What Do Credit Scores Mean to Me?” not only help students estimate their own credit scores, but also use their estimated credit score ranges to personalize activities in the course.

What do Credit Scores Mean to Me?

Students can use their estimated credit scores to see how their financial choices will affect their credit scores’ range, as well as the interest rates and terms of new credit they obtain.

The course also shows why establishing and keeping a positive credit score is so important to students’ financial future, offers tips on how to repair a poor credit score, and warns against credit repair services that offer a quick fix for a bad score.

The course is part of the USA Funds Life Skills curriculum, an online financial literacy and student success program. Since moving online in 2009, the program has helped more than 160,000 college students to manage their time and money wisely while on campus and after graduation.

For more information about teaching students about credit and credit scores through USA Funds Life Skills, or to learn more about the 30 other online courses in the program, contact USA Funds. Learn more about other USA Funds student loan default prevention tools and solutions.