Additional USA Funds University Online Courses Updated for 2013-2014

What are the options for figuring Expected Family Contribution? How do I determine the amount of aid to return when completing a Return of Title IV Funds? How should my school prepare for an audit or program review?

Learn the answers to these questions — and more information on these topics and others — in newly updated online courses available from USA Funds® University.

USA Funds University has updated five more of its online courses with 2013-2014 information.

105 Types and Sources of Financial Aid 2013-2014 Award Year
Intended for new financial aid administrators with little or no prior financial aid knowledge. The course reviews the types of financial aid that are available to eligible students seeking a postsecondary education. The focus is on federal financial aid programs, but the course also discusses state, institutional and private sources of aid.

201 Cost of Attendance 2013-2014 Award Year
Describes what constitutes Cost of Attendance and how schools establish dollar amounts for Costs of Attendance. This course is intended for financial aid professionals who have little financial aid experience but have a basic understanding of financial aid.

202 Calculating the Expected Family Contribution 2013-2014 Award Year
Intended for financial aid professionals who have some prior financial aid knowledge but desire advanced practice in manually calculating Expected Family Contribution. This course builds on the information presented in online course 104 Calculating Financial Need by focusing specifically on the principles of federal methodology and calculating Expected Family Contribution.

215 Return of Title IV Funds 2013-2014 Award Year
Describes when schools are required to return funds to the Title IV programs. The course explains the steps involved in the calculation of Return of Title IV Funds.

401 Common Audit and Program Review Findings 2013-2014 Award Year
Provides an overview of the different types of audits and program reviews and the purpose for each. The course reviews the most common findings and provides ways for schools to prevent or resolve compliance issues.

These five courses are the latest to be updated in the on-demand curriculum of more than 30 self-paced online courses available from USA Funds University.

Knowledgeable trainers with extensive financial aid experience develop the interactive courses, which are available at no cost to schools. Courses typically take 30-45 minutes to complete.

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