Start the Semester With a Budgeting Lesson for Students

As students return to school for a new semester, budgeting money wisely may be one of the last items on their mind. Put budgeting on your students’ radar with a USA Funds® Life Skills® course that shows how little changes can add up to significant savings and better budgeting habits.

USA Funds Life Skills course “203 How Do I Live on a Budget While I am in School?” is the most frequently completed course in USA Funds’ online financial literacy and student success program. More than 54,000 students have taken the course online.

  • Students who complete the course learn how to:
  • Determine how much money they have to spend each month.
  • Budget properly in order to meet financial obligations.
  • Consider expenses to trim from their budget if they are spending more than they earn.
  • Project expected earnings after college.

USA Funds Life Skills equips schools to help students develop basic life management skills so they graduate on time and with a minimum amount of debt. Since USA Funds Life Skills moved to an online platform, in 2009, 110,000 students at colleges and universities throughout the nation have taken nearly 368,000 courses through the program.

The course “How Do I Live on a Budget While I am in School?” is one of 33 USA Funds Life Skills courses, which cover a range of topics — including paying for college, managing student loans, managing money and credit, living on a budget, setting goals, preparing for graduation, and balancing school and personal life.

Contact USA Funds for more information about USA Funds Life Skills or any of USA Funds’ other default prevention tools and solutions. The USA Funds Life Skills information page offers case studies and a USA Funds Life Skills Best Practices Guide, which highlight the ways schools are using the program on their campuses.