USA Funds University Course Helps Explain Cohort Default Rates

An online course available from USA Funds® University provides an explanation of the cohort default rate and what it means to schools.

Recently updated with 2013-2014 information, online course “211 Understanding the Cohort Default Rate” also explains the implications of rates for schools.

The course:

  • Discusses the change from a two-year to a three-year cohort period.
  • Demonstrates the cohort default rate calculation.
  • Highlights the implications of the rate.
  • Identifies the benefits and consequences of low or high rates.
  • Helps schools develop a default prevention plan.

This course is part of a curriculum of more than 30 self-paced USA Funds University online courses. Knowledgeable trainers with extensive financial aid experience develop the interactive courses. You typically can complete the courses  in 30-45 minutes.

USA Funds University has upgraded its learning system to offer registration for USA Funds University online courses, workshops and webcasts from a single training site.

If you already have established an account to take USA Funds University online courses, you may use that account information to register. If you have not established an account, you must complete a simple, one-time registration process. Once you complete the initial registration process, future visits require only your username and password.

To establish a new account, follow the steps listed below. You must have your OPEID code available to complete the registration process.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Request a new account” link to create your account.
  3. Enter your school email address as your username.
  4. Complete the remaining fields. Enter your eight-digit OPEID code without the dashes.
  5. Click the “Create account” button in the lower right corner.

Contact USA Funds customer relations at (800) 766-0084 or submit a Web form to request assistance.

Fact sheet

USA Funds University also offers a fact sheet on the USA Funds website that provides additional information about cohort default rates:

  • An explanation of the three-year CDR calculation methodology.
  • School requirements and sanctions.
  • Multiple disbursement and delayed delivery requirements.
  • An overview of the implementation timeline for two-year and three-year rates.

USA Funds Ask Policy

USA Funds’ policy experts can answer your questions about cohort default rates or other federal financial aid policy. Submit your question to USA Funds Ask PolicySM using a Web form, and you’ll get an answer, generally within a business day.