Your Students’ ‘Scary’ Personal Finance Practices Can Lead to Holiday Trouble

October may be well known for its scary tricks and tasty treats — but it also ushers in a time when consumers think about buying gifts and planning travel for the holiday season.

And for students focused on academic commitments, it can be easy to forget about responsible budgeting and time management habits. Now is a good time to remind your students about the resources available to help them keep their finances on the right track.

USA Funds® Life Skills® offers three courses that can help your students as they enter a potentially expensive time of year.

203 How Do I Live on a Budget While I am in School?

Teaches students how to determine the amount of money they really have for their budget on a monthly basis, takes them through the process of creating a budget, explains money-saving strategies, and provides resources to determine projected salaries for different career choices.

304 Where Does My Paycheck Go?

Teaches students about the deductions and taxes that are taken out of their paychecks, and how to determine the amount of their take-home pay and what they have available to spend.

401 How Do I Manage My Credit Card Debt?

Teaches students the basics of credit cards — including terminology, considerations when applying for a credit card, the true cost of making only minimum payments, and ways to break bad credit habits.

USA Funds Life Skills is an online financial literacy and student success program. The program equips your institution to teach its students to manage their time and money wisely while they are on campus and after graduation.

USA Funds Life Skills recently received a gold medal in the Brandon Hall Group 2013 Excellence in Learning Awards Program.

Nearly 200 postsecondary institutions currently use USA Funds Life Skills.

Since moving to its current online platform, in 2009, more than 117,000 students at colleges and universities throughout the nation have completed nearly 400,000 USA Funds Life Skills courses.

For more information about USA Funds Life Skills — or if you would like to schedule a demonstration — contact USA Funds.