Guide Can Help With Plans for Personal Finance Education
If you’re looking for ideas for personal finance training, a guide from USA Funds® can help.
Teachable Moments for Personal Finance Education provides information about the ways that two dozen colleges and universities have deployed financial literacy programs on their campuses.
The guide can help shape your plans — whether you already are using a financial literacy program, or your campus is just getting started on personal finance training. A few examples from in the guide include:
Student success programs
Syracuse University in New York uses USA Funds’ financial literacy and student success program, USA Funds Life Skills®, as a key component of its comprehensive financial literacy initiative. Known as “I Otto Know This,” the program is named for the university mascot, Otto the Orange.
The university also has used USA Funds Life Skills courses in the following presentations:
  • To students in sororities, fraternities and residence halls.
  • As part of a program for incoming freshman students.
  • As part of the McNair Scholars Program that helps students make the transition to graduate school from undergraduate studies.
  • In the freshman forum and transfer student classes.
  • As one option for satisfying a financial literacy requirement.

Peer mentoring

In a program dubbed S.A.F.E. — Student Advocates for Financial Empowerment — peer mentors at Pueblo Community College have been instrumental in weaving money management information into a S.T.E.P.S. for College Success course.

Students surveyed in that course and in new-student orientation by S.A.F.E. peer mentors provided feedback to determine appropriate USA Funds Life Skills courses now imbedded in the S.T.E.P.S. curriculum.

The college also depends on the peer mentors for additional financial literacy presentations and development of videos and marketing tools for student financial education.

The work of these peer mentors is part of an internship that offers course credit and recognition for service leadership at the Pueblo, Colo., school. This video offers additional information about Pueblo Community College’s financial literacy efforts.

Download the entire best practices guide to see how more schools are implementing financial literacy education on their campuses.

USA Funds Life Skills

USA Funds Life Skills is an online financial literacy and student success program. The program equips your institution to teach its students to manage their time and money wisely while they are on campus and after graduation.

Nearly 200 postsecondary institutions currently use USA Funds Life Skills.

Since moving to its current online platform, in 2009, more than 125,000 students at colleges and universities throughout the nation have completed more than 426,000 USA Funds Life Skills courses.

USA Funds Life Skills recently received a gold medal in the Brandon Hall Group 2013 Excellence in Learning Awards Program.

For more information about USA Funds Life Skills — or if you would like to schedule a demonstration or learn about USA Funds’ other default prevention tools and solutionscontact USA Funds.