Use These Tools to Extend the Reach of Financial Education

If your school is using USA Funds® Life Skills® as part of an in-person financial literacy session, take advantage of 14 classroom activity worksheets covering concepts presented in the curriculum’s 200- and 400-level courses.

You can offer these worksheet activities in a group setting or as assigned pre-session work or homework to complement the USA Funds Life Skills online courses.

USA Funds Life Skills is a Web-based financial literacy and student success program. The program equips your institution to teach its students to manage their time and money wisely while they are on campus and after graduation.

Sample activities in the classroom activity worksheets include:

  • Money-Saving Strategies: A seven-day spending log helps students track purchases for a week. Students then use that tracking in a group discussion of spending money on needs instead of wants.
  • Directory Assistance: Students can work together to solve issues they might encounter as they navigate college, such as those related to academic counseling and financial aid.
  • Credit Card Payoff: Students explore the payoff time and total interest paid for credit card scenarios and learn the practice of using credit card calculators to understand how to reduce the cost of paying down credit card debt.

All USA Funds Life Skills users — students and administrators — can download the worksheets by selecting the "Resources" tab from the home page of the USA Funds Life Skills website.

To learn more about the worksheets, and how to access instructor guides with suggestions on how to use them, contact USA Funds. You also can contact USA Funds to learn more about the USA Funds Life Skills program and request a demonstration.

One of USA Funds’ default prevention tools and solutions, USA Funds Life Skills offers courses covering:

  • Financial aid and paying for college.
  • Managing money and credit.
  • Setting goals.
  • Academic success.
  • Balancing school and personal life.