Gainful Employment Template Now Available

The U.S. Department of Education has released the gainful employment disclosure template, and encourages schools to begin using the template as soon as possible.

Schools must begin using the template — available at — by no later than Jan. 31, 2014. Regulations in 34CFR 668.6(b) outline the gainful employment information schools must disclose.

The newly released template will produce an output document for schools that contains all required gainful employment disclosures, and complies with the regulatory requirement that schools make these disclosures in an “open format that is platform-independent, machine-readable, and made available to the public without restrictions that would impede the reuse of that information.”

In its Nov. 22 Electronic Announcement, the Department also notes that the template offers a bulk upload option for schools with multiple gainful employment programs.

The Web page for the template provides additional information. For answers to questions about gainful employment regulations or any other federal financial aid policy, contact USA Funds Ask Policy SM using an online form.