Director, University and Employer Relations

Job Responsibilities

The position will be responsible for co-developing and designing the student employer matching and placement function for Project Jobs at the University of Indianapolis. Responsible for helping to co-develop the coaching function for students in finding the right position. Assist with the engagement of employers for matching and placing students. Help to oversee and evaluate career assessment vendors. Manage the relationship between Professional Edge Center and USA Funds. The director will assist in managing the relationship with the University of Indianapolis.

Essential Functions

  • Design matching and placement function - 35%
  • Provide coaching to students for matching - 20%
  • Day to day engagement with employers - 15%
  • Oversight of career assessment vendors - 10%
  • Manage relationship with Professional Edge - 20%

Other or Non-Essential Functions

  • Review essential paperwork for student placement/onboarding - 50%
  • Assist each employer in identifying the proper tool to document student work hours - 25%
  • Manage/oversee billing functions of Project Jobs - 20%
  • Other duties as assigned - 5%


  • Bachelor’s degree required, and master’s degree preferred.


  •  Background in working across various divisions within a university and knowledge of local employers in Indianapolis.

Supervisory Responsibility, if any

  • One staff member on a regular basis.

Reports to Senior Vice President, Partnerships and Operations.

This position based in Indianapolis, Ind.

Application deadline is Feb. 26, 2016.

Please reference requisition number 0141 in your application.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your resume to the Dir. Human Resources at