American Council on Education Effective College Instruction for Student Success
American Council on EducationToday more than 70 percent of all college instruction is delivered by so-called contingent faculty — non-tenure-track faculty, such as graduate teaching assistants, adjunct faculty and part-time lecturers. Although these instructors often bring valuable practical knowledge to the classroom, many of them lack formal instructional training. 
American Council on Education Effective College Instruction for Student SuccessUSA Funds® and the American Council on Education, the umbrella organization for the nation’s higher education institutions and associations, are collaborating to examine higher education instruction and assess the connection between quality teaching and student success. The $1 million initiative will include:
  • Research on the connections between the classroom experience and student outcomes.
  • Development of benchmarks for training faculty in effective teaching practices through quality assurance methods.
  • Dissemination of the results through research papers, presentations and participation in symposia and other convenings on the topic.
The initiative is expected to produce the following benefits:
  • For students: improved classroom outcomes.
  • For faculty: additional support in their professional development.
  • For postsecondary institutions: help in meeting their academic, student success and completion goals.
The project has the potential to enhance college outcomes for millions of students each year, with a special impact on students from underserved communities. ​

Research​ identifies quality teaching and faculty-student engagement as critical factors in students’ success in college as well as graduates’ subsequent success in their careers and overall well-being.​​