Central Indiana Corporate Partnership Workforce Development Initiative
To ensure continued economic prosperity in Central Indiana, local employers must have access to a workforce with the skills to advance their business goals, and local residents must be equipped with the talents needed in the local workforce.  Although the region’s economic health compares favorably with the economic vitality of other regions of the country, there is currently a mismatch between the supply of skilled talent and the demands of local employers, a so-called skills gap. This misalignment constrains the region from realizing its full economic potential.
Although there have been several ad hoc projects to address this mismatch of employee skills and employer needs, Central Indiana currently lacks a coordinated plan for dealing with this issue. In response, USA Funds is joining several other funders in supporting a strategic business planning process through the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership. This process will engage business, philanthropy, education, governmental institutions, and other key stakeholders and focus attention on high-growth sectors and occupations across the entire region and the institutions most likely to provide workers with knowledge and skills within those sectors.
Following development of the plan, the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership will implement the most promising strategies in partnership with workforce development organizations in the region.
The Central Indiana Corporate Partnership was formed in 1999 to bring together the chief executives of Central Indiana’s prominent corporations, foundations and university presidents in a strategic and collaborative effort dedicated to the region’s continued prosperity and growth.