College for America Community College Consortium

College for AmericaUsing a $210,000 USA Funds grant, College for America at Southern New Hampshire is working with a consortium of community colleges to share its best practices in delivering competency-based programs, to develop student competencies that meet the needs of employers. Participating community colleges will deliver College for America programs to the colleges’ business partners while College for America will provide the colleges with consulting and technical assistance to enhance their capacity to deliver competency-based education.

The project addresses two challenges: First, many entry-level and frontline workers lack the skills, competencies and credentials necessary to advance in their careers and earn family-sustaining wages. Meanwhile, businesses express concerns about a skills gap that prevents employers from promoting their frontline and entry-level workers.

College for America’s specialty is working with employers to enhance the education levels of employees who lack college credentials, so those employees can advance within their organizations.

The initiative will help hundreds of additional adult learners advance their careers through completion of workforce-relevant postsecondary degree programs, developed through a partnership with community colleges, business and industry.