Delaware Readiness With a Purpose: Model for English Remediation
Delaware grant announcementProviding remedial education to college students to ensure they have college-level proficiency in key subject areas increases the time it takes a student to complete a degree and adds to the cost of a student’s education. Remedial classes typically do not count toward graduation, yet students still must pay for them. Moreover, a U.S. Department of Education study found that less than half of students in remedial courses actually complete them.
USA Funds has awarded $249,312 to the State of Delaware to support an innovative approach​ to ensuring the college-readiness of high school students in the state and to reduce the need for remedial classes at the college level. The USA Funds grant will fund development of online instruction modules and a Foundations of College English course to ensure Delaware high school students are college-ready in English by the end of 11th grade. 
Faculty from both secondary schools and postsecondary institutions in the state will build the English Language Arts learning modules and instruction materials to match the demonstrated needs of students based on PSAT and SAT proficiency scores on the subject. The successful completion of the Foundations of College English course will be accepted by postsecondary institutions in the state as an acceptable benchmark of student proficiency in English Language Arts.
USA Funds’ grant will support a pilot test of the model with approximately 100 students in the Allied Health career and technical education pathway. This educational pathway allows Delaware high school students the opportunity to earn up to nine college credits toward a postsecondary degree.
In keeping with USA Funds’ focus on Completion With a Purpose, to enhance student success, reduce time to degree completion and promote more affordable education, USA Funds’ support will help Delaware as it works toward eliminating the need for English Language Arts remediation in college over the next three to five years.