Minority-Serving Institutions Measuring College Value

Minority-Serving Institutions Measuring College ValueSince 2001, USA Funds® has supported initiatives to build the capacity of minority-serving postsecondary institutions to support access to and success in postsecondary education for African-American, Hispanic, Native American and Asian-American and Pacific Islander students. To further these efforts, USA Funds invited more than 70 MSIs that had sent representatives to the 2016 USA Funds Symposium to participate in a competitive grant program. 

The purpose of the MSI Measuring College Value Grant is to support two- and four-year MSIs in their efforts to measure the value of postsecondary education and training programs, and to improve student completion and workforce outcomes. In addition, the innovative approaches created and information gleaned from these awards will inform the broader postsecondary community about ways to support completion and advance career readiness for first-generation, low-income students.

USA Funds awarded a total of nearly $2.3 million to seven MSIs. The funding will support the development of tools and practices that will help students stay on track to college completion and help students more successfully navigate rewarding careers. The grant recipients are:

As part of the three-year initiative, the participating colleges and universities will benefit from a designated “data coach,” who will assist the institution in the creation of user-friendly, customized data tools. Each institution also will designate an “innovation group,” to include its chief academic affairs officer, an institutional research staff member, a faculty representative, and one employer-partner. These innovation groups will participate in an annual meeting to share best practices and foster collaboration between leadership and faculty among the seven participating colleges and universities.​​​