Mapping the Labor Market Outcomes of CSU Campuses
Prospective students, education leaders and policymakers can benefit from better information about how students benefit from higher education in their subsequent careers. Business professors at California State University Northridge have developed a model for measuring the economic success — employment and earnings — of students after they leave campus. With support from a $289,000 grant from USA Funds, the CSU Northridge researchers will apply the model to students at all five Los Angeles-area CSU campuses.
The model tracks students for 10 years after they leave school and encompasses students who complete their bachelor’s degree from their original CSU campus, students who transfer to another campus and complete their degrees there, bachelor’s degree recipients who go on to graduate school at a different campus, and those who do not complete a degree program.
The results will be shared on a public website to help prospective students and current students make better choices. In addition, the labor market outcomes research will be used to inform student advising at the CSU campuses and community colleges in the region. The research also will be featured in papers and presentations.
USA Funds supports this work as part of its focus on improving information about the value of postsecondary education programs.