Midwestern Higher Education Compact Multi-State Collaborative on Military Credit

Click to access reportA $200,000 USA Funds grant to a 13-state collaborative is helping smooth the pathway through education to employment for military service members, veterans and their families.

The project goal is to help those who have served in the Armed Forces complete postsecondary degrees and certificates quicker and less expensively, by identifying federal and state legislative, higher education and other agency policies and practices that can be revised or better aligned to help accelerate former service members’ entry into the civilian workforce. The project has a special focus on translating competencies veterans acquired during their military service into credit to accelerate completion of degrees, certificates, and licenses that will advance their success in their careers. Specific goals of the initiative include:

  • Track the persistence and graduation rates of service members in individual states.
  • Increase the number of campuses that have identified course equivalencies for military training and experience. 
  • Increase the number and proportion of service members who earn postsecondary credentials.
  • Enhance cooperation and progress with state licensing boards toward creating accelerated paths to professional licensure and certification.
  • Decrease time it takes for service members to obtain meaningful employment upon discharge from active duty.
The initiative has developed an online guide, Valuing Military Learning – A Guide to Military Prior Learning Assessment and More, to help veterans of military service and current servicemembers more quickly and affordably complete postsecondary programs leading to careers in the rapidly growing healthcare sector.​