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Tackling the 40/50 challenge in higher educationUSA Funds® focuses its grant-making around postsecondary education Completion With a Purpose — supporting postsecondary students’ attainment of credentials and competencies that lead to productive and rewarding careers and thus to economic, civic, and creative contributions to their communities and to society.

By supporting Completion With a Purpose, USA Funds seeks to translate gains in college access into meaningful improvements in completion rates and in the value of educational attainment after graduation.

Too many students —40 percent — fail to complete their postsecondary education, and half of those who do complete their academic programs find themselves unemployed or underemployed following graduation or report they would have pursued a different postsecondary program.

USA Funds supports a robust program of grant-making and collaboration with like-minded organizations to advance completion with a purpose and ensure graduates are prepared for the global workforce.

Currently, USA Funds is working to achieve fundamental changes in four key areas:


USA Funds considers grant proposals by invitation only. Contact our National Engagement & Philanthropy staff for additional information.

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