USA Funds Borrower Connect
Target your default prevention efforts
Garrett College relies on USA Funds Borrower Connect for borower outreachThe USA Funds Borrower Connect Advantage™ offers you a complete array of default prevention options including:
  • An award-winning, patent-pending Web-based tool that automates borrower communication to promote successful loan repayment.
  • Contact and counseling support to conduct outreach to your borrowers on behalf of your institution.
  • Predictive analytics to enhance the effectiveness of your efforts to focus on those borrowers for whom outreach can make a real difference.
The USA Funds Borrower Connect Advantage supports your cohort default rate goals with
the following capabilities:
  • Analyze. Powerful analytics help concentrate outreach on the borrowers most at-risk for default and those most likely to benefit from counseling.
  • Connect. USA Funds Borrower Connect helps automate and customize the process of communicating with student loan borrowers.
  • Counsel. USA Funds’ experts deliver individualized counseling to help borrowers select the repayment option best suited to their needs.
  • Track. Through the USA Funds Borrower Connect dashboard and our robust reporting, you stay up to date on your projected cohort default rates and borrower outreach campaign activities.
Take a proactive approach to student loan debt and your institution’s cohort default rate with the USA Funds Borrower Connect Advantage.
USA Funds Borrower Connect 3.0 Dashboard
For more information or to schedule a demonstration, call USA Funds at (800) 766-0084 or send us a Web request.


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