Repayment of Your Loans
Stay on Target, on Time

There’s no way around it: With rare exceptions, federal student loan borrowers must pay back in full the amount they borrowed, plus interest. Student loan repayment success begins with selecting a repayment plan that is affordable, but also pays off the debt as quickly as possible, to minimize interest costs.

Choose a Repayment Plan
USA Funds offers you a description of each of the repayment options​ available to federal student loan borrowers, so you can choose the one that meets your individual financial circumstances. Use USA Funds Student Loan Repayment Calculator to estimate the monthly payments and total costs of each option.

Resources to Assist Borrowers

As you repay your student loan, you should be aware of additional resources to assist you.

For information about your federal education loans and other sources of financial aid: National Student Loan Data System:

Federal student loans allow you flexible repayment options. USA Funds makes understanding those options easy:

Managing multiple loans? We’ve created tools to help you stay organized and on-track.

You can also use the NSLDS Student Access website to help you manage your federal student loans.

Having trouble keeping track of your USA Funds loans or experiencing loan payment issues?