​Pricing Without Discrimination

The fifth in a series of white papers explores fair lending practice implications for alternative methods of student finance, including income-share agreements. Read more​.​

Student and Parent Perspectives on Higher Education Financing​​

This white paper presen​ts the results of a  survey of 400 college and high school students and 400 parents of current and future college students to assess their interest in income-share agreements.  Read more.

​Unpacking Relationships: Instruction and Student Outcomes

This review of the connection between college instruction and student success concludes that evidence-based practices that are widely documented as effective in improving student outcomes and instruction are not widely used in practice. Read more​.

​Student and Parent Perspectives on Higher Education Financing

The third in a series of reports on Income Share Agreements describes the results of focus groups of college-age students and parents and their attitudes toward this new method for financing college. Read the report​.

New Funding, Aligned Incentives

The second in a series of AEI reports on Income Share Agreements explores how this private financing option can foster innovative methods of delivering postsecondary education, such as competency-based education programs and workforce-oriented “boot camps.” Read the report​.​

​State Financial Aid: Applying Redesign Principles Through State Engagement

The Education Commission of the States has issued a report covering what it has learned during the past two years of a USA Funds-supported initiative to redesign state student financial aid programs.  Read the report.​

​Gallup-USA Funds Associate Degree Graduates Report

Based on interviews with 2,548 adults whose highest level of education is an associate degree, the report illustrates how many graduates with associate degrees have great jobs and live great lives, and how their college experiences might have factored into each. Read the report.

​Students’ Futures As Investments

Income-share agreements, through which investors pay for students’ college educations in exchange for a fixed portion of their future earnings, are an emerging idea for helping students pay for college. This report from the American Enterprise Institute explores the promise and challenges of ISAs. Read the report.

​Gallup-USA Funds Minority College Graduates Report

Based on responses from 55,812 adults who received bachelor’s degrees, this report examines the higher education experiences and outcomes of graduates from different racial and ethnic backgrounds.  Read the report.


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